24/05/2019 Fast Power on at Knowsley Industrial Park

                                                  The Project                                                                                                                                             The Benefits

The team at UES  has been awarded a contract to provide

power to a new commercial/industrial project at Knowsley.

The turnkey project to design, supply, install and HV/LV equipment, below ground       11kV cables and LV connections was carried out by the team at UES.

UES took on the challenge of completing the works in a timely manner by capitalising    on our significant knowledge of Scottish Power (SPEN) substation design, plant and protection requirements.

Orders for major plant items were placed as soon as the design was approved by    SPEN and the adopting Independent Network Operator.

UES benefited from prompt equipment deliveries due to long standing and solid             supplier relationships. In fact, the protection panel was built, tested and dispatched within 3 weeks from order placement!

Forward planning was simplified due to our vast experience of unit protected substations.

UES also carried out the gas design, pipeline installation and gas connections for        the three industrial units.

Attention to detail, thorough understanding  of the technical requirements coupled with a strong delivery team ensured the project was completed way ahead of of programme.

The challenge of completing a Solkor, or‘X-type’ substation as they are more commonly known, is in making sure the installation complies fully with SPEN technical standards whilst at the same time considering the IDNO adopted elements must also comply with technical policy and standards.

The works were completed to a very high standard by our in-house technical team (including substation wiremen) and fully approved by SPEN and the IDNO.

The LV network was energised by our own authorised engineers and we even arranged the energy supply and meter operator contracts on behalf of the developer to complete a very successful project.